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Ecofriendly workshops
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Dive into the exciting world of sustainable practices with PLANET 2024’s eco-friendly workshops. These interactive and fun sessions are designed to teach participants how daily actions can play a significant role in reducing our impact on the environment.

The well-being of our planet is linked to the choices we make every day. Through these workshops, we aim to instill in participants an understanding of how they can contribute to nature conservation by limiting its degradation. More than just a learning experience, these workshops serve as a platform for change, demonstrating how to integrate sustainable practices into our daily routines.

Join these exciting workshops and discover how you can make a real difference for our planet. Together, we can create a future where humans and nature thrive in harmony.


eco-friendly workshop
Sailing Hirondelle-Ouessant-Cuisine-Tartare d'algues-13 © Prise Julien Challandes-Édition Malaury Morin

« Blutopia offers a culinary workshop, an exciting session designed to promote eco-conscious eating. Food is a universal language, and our eating habits have a significant impact on the environment. Through this workshop, Blutopia aims to demonstrate the direct connection between our plates and the health of our oceans.

We believe in the importance of providing children with the knowledge to make food choices that not only nourish their bodies but also protect our planet, including marine environments. This workshop represents an adventure into the world of sustainable gastronomy. Participants will learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals that respect the environment and contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.


Blutopia is a positive association with a mission to encourage citizens to take action to preserve the ocean through their plates. Their actions are based on three pillars: inspiring (with documentary films and photo exhibitions), educating (through a podcast, masterclasses, and educational programs), and facilitating the transition to action (with culinary workshops and recipe booklets).

Sailing Hirondelle-Ouessant-Cuisine-Tartare d'algues-21 © Prise Julien Challandes-Édition Malaury Morin
Sailing Hirondelle-Ouessant-Cuisine-Tartare d'algues-18 © Prise Julien Challandes-Édition Malaury Morin
Sailing Hirondelle-Ouessant-Cuisine-Tartare d'algues-15 © Prise Julien Challandes-Édition Malaury Morin
© Blutopia - Julien Challandes - Co-founder of Blutopia
© Blutopia - Malaury Morin - Co-fondatrice de Blutopia
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