Gala For Nature

Gala for Nature


Gala For Nature

Welcome to the ‘Gala For Nature‘ event, part of PLANET 2030, created and organized by the Free Spirit Foundation. This exclusive gala, set in a stunning Parisian venue, brings together key figures dedicated to the cause of nature conservation and restoration. With an audience comprising Free Spirit Foundation members, PLANET 2030 partners, representatives from major institutions, policymakers, celebrities, influencers and business leaders committed to sustainable practices, this private event aims to celebrate our collective achievements and chart the course for future endeavors.

Date: January 21, 2025
Location: Académie du Climat, Paris, France
Attendance: By Invitation Only
Expected Attendees: 100


  1. Highlighting Actions and Impact:
    • Celebrate the achievements and impactful initiatives undertaken by PLANET 2030 partners throughout 2024.
    • Showcase success stories and concrete actions that have made a significant difference in nature conservation and ecosystem restoration.
  2. Understanding the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration:
    • Emphasize the importance of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and its goals.
    • Provide insights into global efforts and progress in ecosystem restoration, and why it is crucial for our planet’s health and sustainability.
  3. Previewing 2025 Main Actions:
    • Unveil the key actions and strategic initiatives planned by PLANET 2030 for 2025.
    • Encourage partners and attendees to actively participate and contribute to upcoming projects.
  4. Encouraging Networking and Collaboration:
    • Foster an environment conducive to networking among attendees.
    • Facilitate discussions and partnerships that can drive further progress in nature conservation and sustainability efforts.
Gala For Nature
Gala For Nature


  1. Inspirational Keynote Speakers: Listen to thought leaders and visionaries in the field of environmental conservation and sustainability.
  2. Impactful Presentations: Discover the detailed accounts of projects and initiatives that have made a substantial impact over the past year.
  3. Recognition of Excellence: Acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations committed to restoring and protecting our planet.
  4. Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Engage with like-minded professionals, policymakers, and influencers dedicated to creating a sustainable future.


  1. Be Inspired: Gain insights from the frontlines of nature conservation and restoration.
  2. Celebrate Achievements: Join us in recognizing the hard work and dedication of PLANET 2030 partners.
  3. Shape the Future: Participate in discussions that will shape the future actions of PLANET 2030 and contribute to global sustainability efforts.
  4. Expand Your Network: Connect with influential figures and organizations that share your commitment to environmental stewardship.
Gala For Nature
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