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The Essence of Life © Grace Almera - Free Spirit

Welcome to ART FOR NATURE, a transformative initiative within the PLANET 2030 movement, dedicated to forging a profound connection between art and nature conservation. As we navigate the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, ART FOR NATURE emerges as a powerful catalyst, uniting global organizations, civil society, and businesses in a collective endeavor to accelerate tangible initiatives that revive and rejuvenate our planet. This innovative project transcends conventional boundaries, aspiring not only to unveil the inherent beauty of our environment but also to serve as a vital bridge between the realms of art and nature. Through our curated platform, we invite you to explore and engage with artistic expressions that mirror the splendor of our natural world, igniting a shared passion for conservation. Beyond aesthetic appreciation, ART FOR NATURE is a call to action, aiming to raise public awareness and generate crucial funds to support ecosystem restoration endeavors worldwide. Join us on this inspiring journey as we weave the threads of creativity and conservation, striving for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the Earth. Together, let’s paint a brighter future for our planet—one brushstroke at a time.


In the span of just a decade, Alexandre Monteiro, also known as HOPARE, has emerged as an emblematic figure of urban art at the age of 35. He is part of the “Street Art” movement where he found his formative influences and honed his craft. Refusing to be confined to a single artistic style, HOPARE transcends boundaries with a fervent desire to express his uniqueness. Demonstrating a genuine creative genius, he effortlessly explores various artistic mediums, including canvases, murals, sculptures, and azulejos.

An artistic impulse that compensates for a void left by the history of a fractured society, Hopare is driven by the idea of reconstruction, suture, connection and creativity as a vector of hope.

Its distinctive feature is the dazzling, generous beauty of the figurative in all its creations.

HOPARE’s portraits resonate with profound humanity. He skillfully combines the emotive power conveyed through his subjects’ eyes with meticulous attention to line work and material effects on his canvases, achieving a delicate balance between spontaneity and self-imposed discipline.

His art transcends genres as he fearlessly ventures beyond his comfort zone to explore themes of the unknown, emptiness, and renewal, all imbued with boundless humility. Like a nomad in search of his promised land, HOPARE is constantly on the move, his encounters on the road becoming the subjects of his works.

Freedom is the essence of his life and artistic journey. With their arresting presence, his creations have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide.”

This revised version maintains the essence of the original text while refining certain phrases for clarity and coherence.

Supporting indigenous communities in Amazonia
Photo by Jiboiana

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between HOPARE and the Jiboiana non profit organization as part of the PLANET 2030 initiative. HOPARE, a renowned artist known for his vibrant and emotive artwork, has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of one of his pieces to support Jiboiana‘s invaluable work with indigenous communities in Brazil’s Amazonia. These indigenous groups are not only stewards of the land but also crucial protectors of the Amazon Rainforest.

Through our collaboration, we aim to empower these communities, providing them with resources and support to continue their vital role in preserving and restoring the rainforest. By supporting Jiboiana and the indigenous guardians of Nature, HOPARE takes a significant step towards safeguarding one of the world’s most precious ecosystems for future generations.

Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Hopare - Place du Louvre - Paris - 2021
Street Art by Hopare - Forum les Halles - Pari
Street Art by Hopare - Forum les Halles - Paris
Street Art by Hopare
Artwork by Hopare


As spiritual beings, we humans hold a unique and precious position as both guardians and children of our planet. Our paramount role is to look after the Earth and preserve its wellbeing, recognizing that we are intrinsically connected to it and all its creatures.

This responsibility calls on us not only to protect and preserve our environment, but also to nurture our own spiritual growth, so as to cultivate the wisdom, compassion, and love necessary to fully embody our protective role.

By establishing a harmonious balance between our inner development and our external commitment, we can work together for the wellbeing of the world and all its inhabitants.

The beauty of nature transcends the bounds of our perception, extending far beyond what our eyes can see. It manifests not only in the grand landscapes that surround us, but also in the minute details that make up the very essence of our humanity. 

At the heart of this grace lies a deep connection between the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of atoms, a harmony that unites the vastness of space and the complexity of particles that form the fabric of our existence.

By exploring the mysteries of nature, we discover dimensions invisible to the naked eye, revealing structures and patterns of incredible splendor. From distant galaxies to the intricate patterns of snowflakes, from the spiral of a seashell to the perfect symmetry of molecules, each element of our reality carries within it a unique signature of universal magnificence.

In recognizing that perfection resides as much in the vastness of the universe as in the heart of atoms, we develop a deep respect and admiration for the complexity and interconnection of what surrounds and constructs us. 

SVETLINA by Aurore Klein
SAKTI by Aurore Klein

This also reminds us of our place in this grand scheme and the responsibility we bear as guardians of this fragile beauty, which extends far beyond what our eyes can perceive.

At the heart of our world lies a trinity of spirits, a sacred communion between the Earth, the Ocean, and the Forest. Witnesses to our existence, these natural forces transcend time and space, enveloping us in their ineffable majesty. Through this artistic trinity united by our universal consciousness and love, we celebrate the depth of our spiritual connection with these three elements and their unalterable presence in our lives. 


Aurore Klein is a multifaceted artist born in France, whose work spans across several fields such as photography, cinema, literature, and graphic arts. 

Self-taught, Aurore began her career as a photographer, specializing in portraiture and events.

Her inclusive project titled « REGARD » highlights sighted, blind, and visually impaired men, women, and children.

Aurore has participated in several group exhibitions, including « Regards Citadins » (2011) and « Regard » (2015).

Aurore has also traveled to Alaska, Canada, and Yellowstone to meet wild lands and animals in the company of professional wildlife photographers.

In 2022-2023, Aurore created the « SPIRIT » project, an eco-committed project aiming to show the beauty and the unseen of the Nature that surrounds us and is part of us.

Her collections of signed and numbered photographs can be seen at 

Aurore Klein
ÖREN by Aurore Klein

Benefiting Forest Restoration

The SPIRIT Collection consists of 100 unique photographs, all numbered, certified, and signed, attesting to their authenticity and value. Each photograph is available in a limited edition of 30 copies, ensuring their exclusivity. Each copy is sold at a price of €1200 in Fine Art printing by a certified laboratory in a 90×60 cm format, with a custom frame and anti-reflective glass.

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