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Support Hirondelle de l’avenir

PLANET 2030 Education des enfants au Bénin sur la protection de l'environnement par Hirondelle de l'avenir
PLANET 2030 Education des enfants en Afrique sur la protection de l'environnement par Hirondelle de l'avenir
PLANET 2030 Education des enfants au Bénin sur la protection de l'environnement par Hirondelle de l'avenir
Support Hirondelle de l'avenir
Support Hirondelle de l'avenir

Support Hirondelle de l'avenir

About the Organization:

The NGO ‘Hirondelle de l’Avenir’ is a public interest association with a humanitarian focus, working for over 17 years to improve primarily the living conditions of vulnerable children. In Benin, the association is historically involved in more than ten major projects, aiming to promote the autonomy of local populations and the development of the Beninese economy.

The socio-economic context of Benin is marked by significant challenges: a young and rapidly growing population, great disparities in access to education and professional opportunities, and necessary improvements in sanitation. In this context, the NGO ‘Hirondelle de l’Avenir’ has set itself the mission of promoting leadership development in children, creating career guidance and professional integration opportunities in the digital sector, and supporting sanitation initiatives.

The association’s actions are based on the principle of ‘working together,’ involving close partnerships with various local organizations and structures such as schools, orphanages, and dispensaries. This collaborative approach helps mobilize the necessary resources and skills to implement sustainable and effective projects and to enhance the capacity of local populations to act.

The NGO also extends its activities to other regions of the world, including the Middle East and Europe, to contribute to improving living conditions in these areas while promoting social connections. This international dimension enhances the reach and impact of the initiatives carried out, allowing for the exchange of best practices and inspiration from different cultures and contexts.

Finally, Hirondelle de l’Avenir has obtained tourist registration from the French tourism development agency Atout France. We offer participatory and responsible trips to Benin that combine cultural discovery, social engagement (by participating in our field missions), and environmental responsibility.

Our objective: to foster intercultural understanding, promote sustainable development, and strengthen the connections between travelers and local communities in Benin.


Our initiative aims to raise awareness among 2000 sponsored children in Benin about biodiversity conservation through our NGO Hirondelle de l’Avenir. Recurring thematic workshops will be organized in partnership with local civil society actors, including orphanages, schools, parents, administrators, and teachers. Our main objective is to provide children with basic knowledge of the rich local biodiversity, helping them understand its importance and enabling them to actively participate in simple and concrete actions (e.g., individual small plots to cultivate, tree planting, botanical gardens depending on the regions and organizations involved).

We are currently working in partnership with the Beninese NGO AGIR, which specializes in plant biodiversity conservation, assisting us in selecting endemic species to plant.

By encouraging children to become ambassadors for biodiversity conservation, we aim to establish a sustainable and long-lasting effort that will have positive long-term impacts on the local ecosystem in which they live and on their communities.

How Organizations Can Support:

You can support us in various ways as follows:

Financial Sponsorship

By providing financial support to Hirondelle de l’Avenir, you contribute to funding projects, activities, and interventions primarily in Benin and in other countries depending on special projects.

Your direct impact: reducing social inequalities, enhancing capacity-building, and offering a better future both to the people we support and to their surroundings.

You will directly influence numerous Sustainable Development Goals as part of the 2030 agenda.

Skills Sponsorship

The size and resources of our organization do not allow us to have all the necessary skills in-house to address numerous challenges. Therefore, Hirondelle de l’Avenir offers the opportunity to welcome individuals from various backgrounds with diverse skills.

You can make your company’s employees available during their working hours so they can contribute to actions that highlight their specific professional skills.

In-Kind Sponsorship

Given the development of our activities and intervention subjects, we face a growing need for various types of materials that we cannot procure directly due to financial constraints.

Donations can be very diverse depending on current needs: glasses for children, hearing aids, modern keyboards, and mice…

Do you have other proposals for us? Let’s talk.

How Citizens Can Support:

Become a “Hirondelle de l’Avenir Ambassador” by spreading the word about our association.

Travel with Purpose through our solidarity and participatory trips to Benin and support the local economy.

Sponsor a Child.

Support Our Ongoing Projects by making a donation (well construction, coding school, higher education scholarships for girls, purchase of a bus for our solidarity trips…).

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