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About the Organization:

We are a youth-led organization founded in 2020 dedicated to tackling climate change, one step at a time. Understanding that we cannot change the world alone, our goal has been to help students throughout the world learn, rebuild, and protect ecosystems. With our collective knowledge, we can protect the Earth for generations to come!


Our work is broken into three parts:
  1. Education. We work with rural and urban schools on environmental labs, biodiversity lessons, and presentation on the skills necessary for environmental entrepreneurship. Many of these lessons are inspired by curriculum we tested under the YUNGA challenge badges.

  2. Physical Restoration. We work to remove litter, invasive species, and plant native trees in previously degraded areas. This is often done in conjunction with a school for hands-on education.

  3. Community and Global Events. It is necessary to acknowledge the digital age and access to technology. We host digital and community events in order to make climate action accessible to youth throughout the world, regardless of who they are.

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