Support Clean My Calanques

Support Clean My Calanques

Clean my calanques

Clean My Calanques, Be Proud for the Right Reasons !

About the Organization:

Clean My Calanques is a Marseille-based association founded in 2017 dedicated to environmental preservation and committed to raising awareness among the general public about environmental issues.


Clean My Calanques operates through five core activities to fulfill its mission: organizing environmental protection events for a diverse audience, such as monthly clean-up operations open to the public; educating the population on environmental issues through workshops in schools, businesses, and community centers; conducting extensive social media campaigns to reach a wide audience; collaborating with government authorities on joint initiatives; and providing advice to businesses on reducing their carbon footprint.

How Organizations and Citizens Can Support:

Whether you’re a business or an individual, you can support us by participating in our activities, following us on social media, or making a tax-deductible donation on our website:

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